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Armstrong Redwoods Forest

Hiking in the Armstrong Woods Redwood Forest near Healdsburg is spectacular. The Redwood Forest is the largest single living thing on earth. That’s because, over the centuries, its root system has grown together to become one. Imagine, thousands of acres of the tallest living creation, all unified into one body. These magnificent, towering trees grow to be a height of 150-350 feet with a diameter of up to twelve to twenty-four feet. Through fires, winds, torrential rains and freezing temperatures these majestic monuments live to be 500 to 1,000 years old – with the oldest reaching 2,200 years.

Standing at the base of one and looking up to gaze at its peak makes you almost feel as if you’ll fall over backwards. It’s an inspiring and humbling feeling that will forever be indelibly written on your heart.

And, if you time it right (after a drizzly rain, for instance), you may have the park all to yourself. When you catch such a moment, you’ll be overwhelmed with a feeling of awe as its astounding stillness and unparalleled calm indescribably touch your soul. I cannot accurately convey it… but you’ll feel it (I promise).

Even on a busy day, you’ll never leave this place the way you came. To see such majesty unfold, and be clutched by such brilliance in nature – its color, its scents, its sights and sounds. You’ll never really leave. You’ll always have some of the peace of this forest within you… because it changes you.

“Walking in this place…  changes you…”

There are ample picnic areas, a soft paved walking trail into the park (with occasional vehicles), far more serious hiking paths that begin just to the right of the Visitor’s Center (behind the public restrooms), and lots of little off-shoot trails – each a mini adventure all its own. Just remember which direction the entrance where you parked is, and you’ll find it easy to make your way back to where you started. The park is laid out to be simple that way. Be sure to get your printable “Healdsburg Hiking Guide” with maps, helpful tips and more.

DIRECTIONS: Take the 101 south – take the River Road exit and turn right (west) – go about 30 minutes, enjoying beautiful views, until you reach Guerneville – turn right on Armstrong Woods Road – go to its end – turn right just before the guard booth, into the free parking lot – you’re now ready to enter heaven on earth!

Armstrong Redwood Forest address:  17000 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

Fallen Redwood Tree Hiking Near Healdsburg

The magnificence and sheer magnitude of these trees amazes even a most well-traveled visitor.

Soft Paths In Redwood Forest

Paths can be soft and easy, or hearty hikes. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Beautiful Greenery In Armstrong Woods Hiking

The foliage and greenery are so relaxing. Their rich vibrance is so soothing for your eyes.

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