Best Healdsburg Tasting Rooms

10 Best Healdsburg Tasting Rooms 2024

The ten best tasting rooms in Healdsburg are GrapeSeed Wines at Moss Lounge, Blanchard Family Wines, Breathless Sparkling Wines, Spicy Vines, Rockpile, Arnot-Roberts, Williamson Wines, Selby Winery, Seghesio Family Vineyards, and Hartford Family Winery.

North of San Francisco, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, and Russian River Valley possess some of the most elite wineries Healdsburg and Sonoma County wine country have to offer. However, before you travel down Dry Creek Road remember, some of the best tasting rooms Healdsburg holds are right along Healdsburg Avenue. These hidden gems among winery tasting rooms are all within walking distance around our lovely downtown fountain Square Plaza.

Amid Healdsburg’s downtown tasting rooms, these ten tender truly distinctive settings with fine wines of the most popular varietals. Ambiances range from fresh and breezy, to calmly serene, and to opulently chic, making these Healdsburg Plaza tasting rooms among the finest in Sonoma wine country.

My wife and I went to all 46 tasting rooms in Healdsburg and selected this list from our personal experience, with no incentive or influence from any tasting room. You can click on each tasting room’s name to see photos, varietals served, hours open, tasting fees, and links to their online reservation apps, or their sites.. And click this link for our downtown winery map.

Reservations Are Now Standard At Tasting Rooms in Healdsburg

Reservation phone numbers and online reservation links are provided below.


GrapeSeed Wines Moss Lounge

GrapeSeed Wines at The Moss Lounge is unquestionably the premiere wine affair in downtown Healdsburg. An experience without equal.

Authentic Italianate old world wines, served in an irresistibly serene air lounge, all graced with beautiful sculpture, inspiring art, and a spectacularly calm and soothing ‘living moss’ wall. With the International Art Gallery of Paul Mahder wrapped around it like a silk scarf, if a tasting experience were ever branded spellbindingly seductive, this is the one.

GrapeSeed Wine's Tasting Experience at The Moss Lounge

As you saunter around Healdsburg Square, you simply must let this experience envelop you once. Let its ambiance embrace you. Its varietals enthrall you. Its International Art touch you… for this is a place where fond memories begin.

For reservations call (707) 608-6100 or go to

Blanchard Family Wines

Mark Blanchard provides Healdsburg’s most exclusive wine tasting experience. Imagine sitting down with the actual owner of the winery for a private tasting with your spouse, family, or friends. You’ll savor a reserve barrel tasting, sampling the artistry of each wine in its most pristine state. Or create your own custom cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, malbec, or merlot varietal… composing a distinct wine that may never happen again. What an amazing present such a case of rare hand-crafted wine would be for special someone. A remarkable occasion they’ll reminisce over with every glass shared.

Blanchard Family Wines Best Healdsburg Tasting Rooms

When you want Healdsburg’s most exclusive tasting room experience, presented by the winery owner himself, with only your reservation of guests in the tasting room, select Blanchard Family Wines… it’s an occasion most memorable.

For reservations call (707) 620-4075 or to go

Healdsburg's Best Organic Winery Merriam Vineyards

Breathless Sparkling Wines

A touch of ‘sparkling’ paradise named Breathless lies a mere two minute stroll from our town square. A bubble bar of opulence inside, surrounded by outside settings so serene… this is where Healdsburg’s ‘bubble trail’ begins.

Unlike outdoor tastings in-town, where you can almost touch the traffic as it whizzes by, Breathless wines is a sanctuary of sparkling wines, where spacious pampering outside mingles with splashes of glamourous Euro-flair inside… a perfect pairing for parties and celebrations.

Breathless Sparkling Wines Outdoor Setting in Healdsburg California

Baroque indoors, set to a canvas of curved couches, posh Parisian café scenes, and chic décor awaits those who adore a touch of glam galore. Or select outdoor seclusion, away from intrusion, where friends gather and enjoy shaded breeze, lush green trees, and sounds of sparkling wines bubbling over…

There’s only one destination in Healdsburg, where you can truly be…  Breathless.

For reservations call (707) 244-0010 or go to

Spicy Vines

We decided long ago not to consider wine when selecting our top wineries and tasting rooms, simply because what makes for ‘good wine’ is so subjective. However, when something’s exceptional, you make an exception. Such are some of the unique wines at Spicy Vines.

What makes their more adventurous varietals so special, is a subtlety of spices so gently sown into each sip. Dancing on your palate, igniting imaginations of wine pairing hearts, like my wife’s. She yearns for distinctness and clarity in a wine… something with a soft splash of vibrance, something outstanding for visiting guests and loved ones, as we found here.

Spicy Vines Tasting Room Healdsburg California

And the comfortable vibe at Spicy Vines harmonizes with their wonderful wines, making it a popular haven for guests coming up from the San Francisco area. A comfy artsy-chic setting, where live music intermingles with casual conversation. A place where meeting new friends and becoming part of the family seems the only norm.

There’s just something about Spicy Vines… maybe it’s their wines… maybe it’s their vibe… maybe it’s just how comfortable it feels here.

So, when you’re looking for a truly unique tasting experience, be sure you include sampling some specialty wines at Spicy Vines.

For reservations call (707) 955-7220 or go to

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Rockpile Vineyard

Rockpile Vineyard tasting room is wrapped along the Healdsburg roundabout. It’s feel is open, airy, and crisp. A contemporary structure, with beautiful bay windows stretching high and open to an avenue view. Sip on meritage, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, zinfandel, or syrah, as you watch the world go by.

Rockpile Tasting Room in Healdsburg

That’s the Rockpile way of life. Their sparklingly fresh tasting room is an inviting place where locals and friends gather to drink superb wine while basking in soft afternoon sunshine.

For reservations call (707) 395-6335 or go to


Quietly tucked away like a Sommelier’s secret cellar, Arnot-Roberts may not even know how to spell ambiance. However, when your desire runs with discovering wines to impress your next soiree’s guests, you’ll quench that quest at Arnot-Roberts.

Barrel Tasting Room

Selected by Sommeliers both in the States and abroad, their vintages have garnered national and international acclaim. Not because they’ve sought such; rather, because renown found them. And that’s how esteem should be… natural, distinct, clear, resounding. Aspects equally reflective of the wines which have earned such attention. One sip and you’ll see why Arnot-Roberts is one of California wine country’s most select wineries.

For reservations call (707) 395-6150 or to go

Williamson Wines

Culinary culture is another fame for which Healdsburg is renown. And no other downtown Healdsburg tasting room fuses two such world class cultures as does Williamson Wines. Pairing wine with food is an art form for these vino virtuosos, and they flaunt their skill with flair.

Williamson Wines Tasting Room in Healdsburg

No excursion into the wonders of wine country is complete without ‘tasting’ the experience of understanding the proper varietal to uncork with a given cuisine. One afternoon will forever set your course into the journey that is wine pairing.

For reservations call (707) 919-7320

Selby Winery

When you need a little opulence, Selby is your spot. Quaint and colorful, with a splash of panache, Selby Winery is a clarion call to hearts yearning for a touch of grandeur and style. My wife says this would be a perfect setting for ladies looking to escape and indulge in an afternoon away.

Selby Winery Tasting Room in Healdsburg

Want a little luxury while sipping premium reds, whites, or sparkling wines? Selby’s royal oasis transcends the cookie-cutter climate so oft found among mundane winery tasting rooms. When you and your pals need a bit of zeal appeal, slip into Selby.

For reservations call (707) 620-4101

Seghesio Family Vineyards

Seghesio is one of the oldest wineries in Sonoma County. Their Healdsburg tasting room is a matchless weave of rustic and regal elegance, accented by an outdoor ambiance alongside shade tree settings bounded by a bocci ball court. With over a century’s experience cultivating their craft, their delightful wines are a brilliant backdrop to learning about the family’s storied lot in Sonoma County winemaking history.

Seghesio Family Winery in Healdsburg

Seghesio Family Vineyards is the most established of Healdsburg wineries, having been founded in 1895 when a young Italian couple came here and planted vines of zinfandel to start their life’s dream.

For reservations call (707) 395-6025 or go to

Hartford Family Winery

In the heart of Healdsburg’s Russian River Valley, vineyards flourish with fruit that Hartford Family Winery crafts into some of the most extraordinary old vine single-vineyard varietals. As a boutique winery, Hartford nurtures a rare selection of wines; preferring preeminent quality above quantity production. One of the best tasting rooms downtown Healdsburg enjoys, Hartford Family’s selection of prestigious wines is namely reserved for their elite restaurant clientele and the winery’s members.

Hartford Family Winery Tasting Room in Healdsburg

Hartford Family Winery’s specialty artisan process utilizes minimal to no filtration, ensuring each bottle embraces its own unique character. Due to this winery’s impeccably unwavering release of faultlessly fine wines, they are the premier selection on several prominent culinary clienteles’ wine lists.

For reservations call (707) 919-7275 or to go

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“Best Healdsburg’s Wine Tasting Rooms” FAQs

Q: How Many Tasting Rooms Are In Healdsburg?
   A: There are 32 wine tasting rooms in Healdsburg. Each offers a unique experience and ambiance, as well as various varietals of wine.

Q: Is It Necessary To Make Tasting Room Reservations?
   A: Most tasting rooms now require reservations, especially for larger groups, and during peak tourism season.

Q: Are There Any Family Friendly Tasting Rooms In Healdsburg?
   A: Yes, the following tasting rooms are exceptionally kid and family friendly: Blanchard Family Wines, Breathless Wines, Seghesio Family Vineyards, and Coyote Sonoma.

Q: Are There Any Dog Friendly Tasting Rooms In Healdsburg?
   A: Yes, the following tasting rooms are super dog friendly: Breathless Wines, Blanchard Family wines, The Drink, Rockpile Vineyards, Thumbprint Cellars, Selby Tasting Room, and Coyote Sonoma.

Q: Do I Need A Reservation To Bring My Dog?
   A: It’s best to make reservations, simply so tasting room staff can ensure any accommodations are properly prepared for your pup. However, if a tasting room is dog friendly they expect guests to bring furry friends, so notifying them you’re bringing your pet is not usually required.

Q: Are There Any Fees Or Costs Associated With Bringing My Dog?
   A: Only if your pup participates in a tasting (just kidding). No, there are no additional fees.

Q: Are There Any Tasting Rooms That Offer Food Pairings?
   A: Yes, tasting rooms such as Portalupi, Sapphire Hill, Seghesio, Thumbprint Cellars, and Williamson Wines offer food pairings with their wines, such as cheese plates, charcuterie boards, and small bites.

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