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Blanchard Family Wines Tasting Room Healdsburg

Blanchard Family Wines

On our “Top 10 Healdsburg Tasting Rooms” list.  Also see our list of “Best Healdsburg Wineries”.

Where your tasting is always one-on-one with the winery’s owner… in one of Healdsburg’s most dog-friendly wineries.

The seeds of Blanchard Family Wines were planted in the heart of a young man working as a stock boy in a Chicago wine shop. Enchanted by the storied history of the elixir, his fascination grew as he did. Always knit together with his childhood best friend and brother, they later went separate ways upon entering young adulthood. One day they were reunited, only to discover they both had a closely held secret dream of owning a winery. By then, each of the brothers had migrated west. Like a vine climbing for its summit with the sun, Mark was winding his way up the ladder of Sonoma County’s winery industry. And James, his lifelong best friend, having serviced his country honorably and well, wanted to bring forth his vision of a winery worthy of their family’s name. One afternoon, as they took respite relaxing under a summer day’s sun, James looked at his younger brother and said, “…someday will never come”. He went on to pour his heart out how it was time for the two of them to dare to make their secretly shared vision a reality. On that day… with two brother united as one… Blanchard Family Wines was born.

Mark Blanchard of Blanchard Family Wines in Healdsburg

Today, Mark hosts single-party reservation tastings, where those passionate for rivers of reds such as cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, malbec, merlot and other specialized varietals can meet with the actual winery owner for a private barrel tasting. Or perhaps blend their own custom once-in-a-lifetime selection of wine… a private reserve, shared with loved ones on only those most special of occasions. This is why Blanchard Family Wines is Healdsburg’s most exclusive wine tasting event. Many wonderful occasions await you in Healdsburg… be sure Blanchard Family Wines is one.

Reservations are required for this select private reservation barrel tasting experience.

For reservations call (707) 620-4075 or to go exploretock.com

Blanchard Family Wines
109 W North Street
(707) 620-4075

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