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Fritz Winery Healdsburg CA

Fritz Winery

In the 1970s Arthur Fritz, original owner and designer of the Fritz Winery, built this winery by carving it into the side of a beautiful hilltop slope. Today, his son Clay carries on the tradition, excellence, and essence that his father began over 50 years ago.

Using the natural gravity the slopes engender, Clay and his staff at Fritz Winery produce their wines with the least amount of mechanical influence possible. This results in the wines reaching your glass with the least amount of detrimental effects caused by use of modern machinery to move the wines.

This preserves the delicacies of the Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Noirs and Zinfandels that this masterful winemaker produces.

Fritz Winery has a small pond you can sit by while enjoying your wine. There are hammocks, and ducks to feed, so you’ll want to bring them crackers or something to share with them. Ken, who works in the tasting room, is exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly.

Fritz Winey
24691 Dutcher Creek Rd

(707) 894-3389

Fritz Winery Tasting Room Healdsburg

Fritz Winery Tasting Room

Fritz Winery Pond Healdsburg

Fritz Winery Picnic Pond

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