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Martinelli Winery in Healdsburg CA


in 1880, Giuseppe Martinelli and Luisa Velluntini eloped from Italy and traveled the great distance necessary to make California their new home. Within two years of arriving, Giuseppe had acquired enough funds to purchase land and to carry on the tradition of winemaking that he had originally learned in the Tuscany region of Italy

The young married couple worked together on the small plot of land they had purchased, whose slopes were as steep as 60 degrees, yet together they carved deep into this hillside a legacy that is carried on to this day by their heirs. The Martinelli family members, all of whom who have worked in the farm and vineyard from an early age, continue to carry on the rich family tradition that has been steeped in this rich valley for over 130 years and six generations.

Martinelli Winery is one of the few wineries in the area to provide sparkling wines. Their decor includes antique wine presses and other wine making related memorabilia.

Martinelli Winery
3360 River Rd
Windsor, CA 95492

(707) 525-0570

Martinelli Winery Outdoor Terrace View Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Outdoor Terrace

Martinelli Winery Outdoor Terrace Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Outdoor Seating

Martinelli Winery Tasting Room Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Tasting Room

Martinelli Winery Corridor Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Corridor

Martinelli Winery Tasting Bar Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Tasting Bar

Martinelli Winery Dining Room Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Dining Room

Martinelli Winery Historical Photos Healdsburg

Martinelli Winery Historical Photos

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