Healdsburg's Art In The Plaza Festival

Plaza Art Festival

Now this is some fun in the sun (and shade)!!

Over 65 artists, craftsmen, entertainers, performing artists, art demonstrations, and purveyors of cool artsy-kinda-stuff all gather under the canopy of trees shading our lovely little Fountain Square to flaunt their skills and talents. Truly, a good time is always enjoyed at this event! And there’s some outstanding collectibles and such as well.

One of our favorite artistic purveyors makes really cool signs out of old wooden boards. Sounds silly, but it’s really cool and there’s always a big crowd around his tent. You simply go through various tables of metal letters, symbols and animal shaped silhouettes, and once you’re done placing your masterpiece signage as you want it, he comes along and pop-screws your design to your sign’s board (which he provides). You’ll see some really cool artistic signs being seen carried around by visitors and neighbors everywhere in this fair!

Now, there’s a lot more cool and fascinating artifacts at Healdsburg’s wonderful community art festivals; that just happens to be one of our favorites. Our sign still hangs in our back yard and guests always ask, “Where did you get that?” (lol)

Another favorite is a tent where you can buy really old posters, many from other countries and from the early 1900’s, which are masterfully framed and magnificent to behold – really beautiful works of art!

This is one Healdsburg special event that’s a must see – and must be at!

HAPPENS: late June and again in Early August.  See our “Happenings” Calendar for this year’s exact dates!


* Some events are seasonal, so check our “Happenings” calendar for more information, and other events!

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