Walt Winery Healdsburg

Walt Winery Healdsburg

Walt Winery Healdsburg is intimately woven into their renowned “1,000 Miles of Pinot”. These grand vineyards roll from Santa Barbara County, through the Santa Rita Hills appellation, on into the central coast of Sierra Mar, past Napa County, and settle here in Sonoma County before finally nestling into Willamette Valley. Walt Winery vineyards roll gracefully through California Wine Country, with stellar wine tasting rooms embossing each vineyard.

Walt Pinot Noir

Capturing the very best vineyards along a thousand miles of Pacific Coast enables Walt Winery to pamper Pinot Noir grapes in the cooler climate they so prefer. Their Healdsburg vineyards are comprised of seventeen distinct field selections, each producing its own facet of the family of Pinot Noir grapes. In symphony, the subtlety within these grapes harmonize into what can only be called a magical tenor of varietal. With superb acidity and astounding length on the finish, Walt Winery Healdsburg brings Pinot Noir to its peak.



Walt Chardonnay

In addition, Walt Winery is celebrated for its Chardonnay. Nine distinct field selections produce exceptionally expressive Chardonnay wines through Walt’s exclusive aging process. Walt Wines has accrued numerous awards for their single vineyard and appellation sourced wines. Engaging in an innovative viticulture allows their wines to impart a personality which signifies a benchmark in this incomparable wine region.

Owners Craig and Kathryn Hall strive to let their wines flourish through an exacting process that relies on a minimalist approach with as little intervention as possible in the wine making process. Their heart is to let the wine speak for itself, without the dissension of palate that occurs in so many of the more modernized and mechanized methods of wine making.


Walt Winery Healdsburg Deck Vineyard View

Walt Winery Healdsburg Deck Vineyard View


It all began by seeing how a cool, clear coastal region could convey unique character to grapes when properly nurtured. Today, this vision has become the steady, gentle hand guiding their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir selections. Elusive, elegant, without entanglements… such are the wines of Walt Winery.

Experience the Warmth of Walt Winery

Walt Winery in Healdsburg mingles a warm country home atmosphere with the brilliant panache of an art gallery. Their elegant outdoor viewing deck ventures restfully from their stylish tasting room. This comfortably well-shaded deck overlooks vineyard views perfectly suited for wine sipping. The tasting room has an open air upscale feel, and their wine tasting hosts are always a pleasure to be with.

You have many options when it comes to wine tasting in Healdsburg. Make Walt Wines one of them.



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