Living In Healdsburg


Richard Slater

Richard has lived and worked in Healdsburg since 2011. He enjoys growing closer with his wife, the outdoors, travel, and is an unabashed novice at wine tasting. A Midwesterner, his zeal for nature’s beauty, calm and elegance is shared by his wife, who grew up in Spain’s wine country. Together, they continue discovering all Healdsburg has to offer.

As a couple they’ve hiked every park, enjoyed every hidden gem and fun free activity, and visited every winery and tasting room on this site. Many of the images on are photos they’ve taken.

Richard and his wife made this site simply to provide visitors with…

“Clear, crisp candor on Healdsburg’s hidden novelties and nuances.”
Writer and Contributor Richard Slater and his wife Yoli


Richard with His Lovely Young Wife Yoli at Shone Farm

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