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Healdsburg Is Heavenly Legal Disclaimer


No Legal or Professional Advice Offered.

This website does not provide nor imply provision of any legal or other professional, licensed or certified services as all information is provided on a “man on the street” basis. Information on this site is generally attained or ascertained by personal observation and/or experience and is solely provided as a potential convenience for our site users.

Hold Harmless.

There are No Guarantees of any services, fees, costs, amenities, coupons, offers, promotions or any other legal liable responsibilities or obligations represented, displayed or promoted on or through this site or any affiliate or associated services whether directly or indirectly associated with this site or its owning agency. By using this website users waive any rights, claims, or standing to hold or attempt to hold the website’s owning entity liable or responsible for any damages or loss incurred by said user or users and user or users warrant and agree to hold harmless this website’s owning entity and or its agents personally or severally. The owners and operators of this site are not responsible or liable for any difficulty, dispute, disagreement or loss caused by this site, entities who advertise or are in any way promoted or communicated about, linked to or referenced, or for the actions, inactions, information, misrepresentation, performance or lack thereof by any entity, business, organization or concern introduced, recommended, mentioned or linked to on or through this site.

Additional Disclaimers.

This site may or may not earn revenue through advertising or other means as covered in our Privacy Policy including but not limited to ‘affiliate marketing’ sources (such as, etc.)

The vast majority of content and information provided on this site is done so on a ‘free to the public’ and general information basis and should be considered in that light. Any actions, performances, purchases or commitments occurring or arising from the freewill use of this site should be properly vetted and researched with proper legal counsel and/or an expert licensed in, and appropriately related to, the area under consideration.

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