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Healdsburg Is Heavenly Terms of Use


Intellectual Property Rights.

Images, content, videos, artwork and any other media or forms of communications on this website are strictly protected under the copyright laws of the United States and their use will be defended and protected to the fullest extent and maximum remedy available by law from piracy, theft, conversion or plagiarism either knowingly or unknowingly by any party. All rights and ownership of any materials on this site are the sole ownership of the original producers of the content. Visitors and any party or entity who come in contact with the images, content, videos, artwork and any other media or forms of communications on this website warrant not to copy, steal or misuse said materials in any manner. Use of said materials requires the written consent from the originator of those materials.

Lawful Use.

The lawful use of this website and all content hereon requires that no spamming be done to or through this website, and that no profane or abusive content or comments be uploaded or communicated to, through or about this website.

Reservation of Rights.

The owning entity of this website and/or its agents retain all rights to determine what is and is not considered acceptable content for inclusion, reference, mention or display on this website, including but not limited to advertising, events promotion, articles, posts, artwork, opinions, comments, products, services and any and all other form of graphics, or written, recorded or video communications, materials, links (hyperlinks), social media, or virtual-related aspects of communications and/or distribution. This includes but is not limited to inclusion on the website or reference by the website in any manner.

The owning entity and/or its agents have and may freely exercise the right to terminate anyone’s use of its website in any manner. Owning entity and/or its agents have and retain the right to amend your legal pages, legal disclaimers, terms of use and/or privacy policy at any time and without warning. Such changes may be retroactive at times and at the discretion of owning entity and/or its agents.

Any refund or exchange policies are solely the responsibility of, and at the discretion of, the business, person(s), entity or entities selling or providing those services or products to visitors and users of this website. Said visitors and users of this website promise to hold harmless the owning entity and/or agents of this site and to instead hold any entity who provided or promised to provide the service or product in question.

Any disputes arising from breach or infraction of these Terms of Use are to be mediated by an objective agency of mediation and such mediation is to be performed and held in Healdsburg, California with users and visitors warranting to make verifiable contact with this website’s owning entity and/or its agents as documented by both the sending and receiving of communications through this website’s Contact Us form in order to endeavor to resolve any legal or other disputes prior to mediation per the terms outlined above.

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