Culinary Delicacies Near Healdsburg

Culinary Café

Culinary masters in training present delicacies…. for a mere pittance.

Reservations exclusively by appointment. Limited availability for Spring ends Friday, March 13 — only open 11:am to 3:pm, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Confirm your rendezvous today:  (707) 522-2796

And if reservations are unavailable, their Bakery selection is astounding! With its array of delicious chocolates, scrumptious baked goodies, decadent cakes, and tantalizing pastries (sweet or savory style), your passion for exceptionally delectable delights will  be fully satisfied!

DIRECTIONS: Take the 101 south (about 20 minutes) – take the Steele Lane exit – Turn Left under the underpass – go forward (about 4 minutes) – go past the elementary school (on your left) and Turn Right at Mendocino Avenue – Mendocino Ave is two lanes; you’ll want to stay in the left-hand lane – right after you pass Dexter Street, prepare to get into the left turn lane (which is the road’s center lane) – you’ll want to get into that left turn lane right after the road’s concrete center divider ends – Just a Few Feet thereafter, you’ll Turn Left at Carr Lane – go 1/4 block and Turn Right into what appears to be an alley, which is actually the entrance to the parking lot area (which will be on your direct right, as soon as you make that last turn into the ‘alley’)– find parking, relax and enjoy – you’re there!

Pasta Delicacies Near Healdsburg

Many a’ masterpiece meal served by Healdsburg’s extraordinary restaurateurs are prepared at the hands of graduates of SRJC’s Culinary School – where future culinary masters are now honing their delicacies… which are yours to indulge in, for a mere pittance of what you’ll pay alumnae.

SRJC Culinary School Delights with Fine Dining

Memorable culinary experiences woven with the finest seasonal and organic ingredients await you in this upscale open-air kitchen ambiance. Refined selections of wines accent your entree, and linger long enough to crescendo with scrumptious deserts. If extraordinary dining is your passion…. you owe this to yourself.

Delicious Baked Goodies Near Healdsburg

The Culinary Cafe’s baked delights are among the most exquisite delectables north of San Francisco. The chefs who oversee creation of these little luxuries studied in some of Europe’s most renowned baking schools. Using only the finest organic and natural ingredients mingled with world class talents, the Culinary Cafe Bakery satiates senses with the warm scent of mouth watering treats which fill the air.

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