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BACA Zinfandel Winery Near Healdsburg

BACA • Zinfandel

BACA is owned by Craig and Kathryn Hall. They produce Zinfandel wine from their vineyards located near the Pacific Coast. Their approach is to focus on an exacting process with minimal interference regarding the winemaking itself, and to allow the wine’s integrity to speak for itself. Their wine represents the specialized vineyard fruit from which it came, which was specifically selected to make a particular vintage. They designed the tasting room to exude, “the warmth of a wine country home with the inspiration of an art gallery.”

They have an elegant, well-shaded back patio attached to their tasting room that is most pleasant. Their tasting room has a comfortable, casual upscale feel.

BACA and Walt Winery are essentially one and the same winery.


BACA Zinfandel
779 Westside Rd

(707) 721-8625

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