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Flowers Winery Atrium Healdsburg CA

Flowers Winery

On Our “Best Healdsburg Wineries for 2021” List.

Flowers Vineyard and Winery, having been founded in 1991, pulls their extraordinary wines from the harsh and rugged coast on the westward boundaries of Sonoma County. Considered by most to be a rather unconventional location to grow grapes such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which usually require far more coddling in a gentle environment, the Flowers family-style staff and winemakers are considered to be something of pioneers in the industry.

The owners of Flowers Winery, Walt and Joan Flowers, believe that the best way to make wine is to allow the earth to speak for itself. To allow the elevation of the vineyard, the richness of the sunlight, and the character of the soil to generate the richest most vibrant flavorful fruit possible. This allows the wine to receive the least amount of influence by mankind, and for the subtlety and bouquet of the wine to speak for itself. This simple, yet challenging goal is at the heart of all they do and is reflected in the special elegance of the wines they produce and serve, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Flowers facility is one of the newest ones in the area and its architecture is open, crisp and sophisticated. With exceptionally high ceilings and a spacious layout, it takes advantage of the space with individualized areas for private tastings or to sit comfortably with friends and feel like you’re at home. In fact, each of these settings was designed to replicate specific areas of the home, like a library, a living room, and the den area.

There are also outdoor curtained private tasting nooks. Each one its own individual oasis on a small hill just outside the front of the main tasting building.

When you stop, by be sure and say hello to Caily, a bright, young, congenial and knowledgeable concierge who happens to make handmade furniture as a hobby. Delightful young lady.

Flowers Winery
4035 Westside Road

(707) 723-4800

Flowers Winery Living Room Healdsburg

Flowers Winery Living Room

Flowers Winery Reading Room Healdsburg

Flowers Winery Reading Room

Flowers Winery Healdsburg CA

Flowers Winery Healdsburg

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