Healdsburg's Future Farmers County Summer Fair

Future Farmers Country Fair

Every Spring Healdsburg celebrates our Future Farmer’s Country Fair, where our local youth show their fuzzy little critters (like rabbits and ducks and such), sheep, goats and donkeys, all the way up to prized steer-sized livestock. These young farmers are competing for awards and prizes.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is to see the bios of all each student, posted next to their prized pets and animals. You get to see what they’ve done all year in preparation for this annual competition and their plans for the future. Inspiring is the best word to describe the vision these young ranchers and rancherettes have for their future – and how they see themselves contributing to a future world. I’ll say this – these kids have amazing heads on their shoulders! They’re really most impressive!

Then there are rides, a dunking booth, huge petting zoo, tents housing large arrays of cute cuddly pets and plenty of fair-style goodies and munchies. Why, it’s a honest-to-goodness Country Fair!

It’s held each year towards the end of May in our Giorgi Park baseball field (Go Prune Packers!) and admission is always Free! {And wives are always welcome to volunteer their husbands for the dunking booth}

Come pet to your hearts content (oh, and you’re not allowed to take any of these ‘frisky fellas’ home – trust me, my wife’s tried). It’s a great afternoon in country sunshine with cotton candy, elephant ears, and all the fixin’s of a real country get-together! Great fun for kids of all ages!

Our Future Farmers Country Fair happens over a single weekend in May and dates vary. For the exact dates see our “Happenings” Calendar.


* Some events are seasonal, so check our “Happenings” calendar for more information, and other events!

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