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Gracianna Winery Healdsburg CA

Gracianna Winery

The Amador family debuted this vineyard in February 2009, showcasing a truly exceptional array of wines that represent the tradition of its family in everything from winemaking to simply celebrating life. The Amador family became engrossed in learning as much as they could from local wine industry experts, growers, and wine producers. This allowed them to learn the greatest techniques to make premium Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, and Zinfandels from the beautiful grapes that reach up from the Russian River Valley.

Their heart is to determine what they want the wine to end up tasting like, based on the grapes’ production that year. The grapes’ look, feel, and color, as well as their taste, sets the path in the hearts and palates of the Amador family for the wines they will produce from that year’s grapes.

Gracianna Winery
6914 Westside Road

(707) 486-3771

Gracianna Winery Outdoor Patio Healdsburg

Gracianna’s Outdoor Patio

Gracianna Winery Outdoor Tasting Room Healdsburg

Gracianna’s Outdoor Tasting Room

Gracianna Winery Outdoor Seating Healdsburg

Gracianna’s Outdoor Seating

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