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Porter Creek Winery Healdsburg CA

Porter Creek Winery

Founded in 1978 by George R. Davis, Porter Creek Vineyards was populated with young Pinot Noir vines. Some of the same vines are still producing ripe, rich fruit 45 years later. Working to first improve the existing vineyard, Mr. Davis then planted the remaining acreage and began actual production in 1982. He began with Pinot Noir just as the Russian River Valley began to become known throughout the country as a veritable new birthplace of quality wines.

Some saw no future in Pinot Noir, and pressed him to plant more Chardonnay, which was customary for the Russian River Valley. However, George, a self-taught winemaker, and an avid reader, studied every book he could find on the winemaking process to increase his knowledge, understanding, and develop his overall philosophy.

At one point, he actually rented large portions of his vineyard off to other wine producers so that he could sit back, watch them, and learn from their experience and techniques. He says that, “Sometimes, it was learning what not to do.” George had a longing to develop greater tastes, and understanding of the production of Pinot Noirs, which is developed, and finally home in the offerings he has today.

With the country farm-like appeal, Porter Creek may cause you to step over a few chickens on the way into the tasting room. A nice country appeal, and a little winery situated in the crook of a road.

Porter Creek Vineyards
8735 Westside Road

(707) 433-6321

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View 1 Healdsburg

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View 2 Healdsburg

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View 3 Healdsburg

Porter Creek Winery Vineyard View

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