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Saini Winery

The Saini Vineyards have been the home of the Saini family for over 100 years, as they are in their fourth generation of Sonoma County grape growers. The family’s passion for quality, their integrity, and attention to detail has set them apart from many vineyards in the area. This vineyard was first established in 1908, when great-grandfather Michael Saini came from Genova Italy. In 1917 he bought a small family farm in the Dry Creek Valley. He rode horse and buggy to and from work in San Francisco, and in his spare time raised prunes, apples, pears and wine grapes.

Grandfather Michael became so skilled at making wines, that the fruit of his labor became well renowned in San Francisco. In 1934 the family bought a second vineyard in Alexander Valley. They began by selling their grapes to some of the finer wineries in Sonoma County, which continued through the generations until 1984 at which time the Vineyards covered 300 acres. In 2008 they launched Saini Vineyards and began making exceptional wines, which quickly caught a following throughout Sonoma County.



Saini Vineyards
2507 Dry Creek Road
(707) 433-8477

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