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Starlite Vineyards in Healdsburg CA

Starlite Vineyards

Quietly tucked away, almost hidden along a backroad woven among Alexander Valley’s rolling hills rests a little winery cuddled in country charm and flowing with exquisite European-style wines.

Starlite Vineyards is a secret Healdsburg locals like to keep for themselves, knowing these wines are served in some of New York’s and San Francisco’s finest restaurants. As Alexander Valley’s only old world wine maker, its owners shun the modern methods used by California winemakers, preferring a more patient process that yields the wine’s purer essence. Unlike ‘younger wines’ of neighboring wineries, these vintages age well with time.

Their slower, more nurturing aging process allows soft, lovely aromatic reflections of their vineyard’s fruit to dance in your glass. Sensations such as thyme, lavender, and floral accents embrace you, lingering long after each sultry sip.

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This winery brings forth wines with elegance, where time itself is an ingredient, and a cooler, slower approach to winemaking exists. That’s why Starlite’s a preferred destination among experts who wish to savor subtle layers and rich delicacies in a wine (instead of the stark, oaky sharpness of its wine barrel).

When your heart seeks silkier, gentler wines, shared with petite pairings, and encompassed by exceptional art from a private collection… chart your course by Starlite.

For reservations call (707) 955-7205 or go to

Selections of Some of Starlite Vineyard’s Fine Art

Starlite Works of Art Healdsburg
Rembrandt-style Art at Starlite in Healdsburg
Starlite Statue Head in Healdsburg

Starlite Vineyards
5511 CA-128
Geyserville, CA
(707) 955-7205

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