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Zzichichi Winery Healdsburg CA

Zichichi Vineyard

The Zichichi Wines vineyard uses the most traditional techniques and procedures for winemaking. These methods require a great deal of hard work and personal sacrifice to see through to completion and to ensure the quality of the grapes is not lost in the process. The vines ensure a bold full-bodied flavor, which is aged for 20 months in French oak barrels prior to being expertly blended into the magnificent wines they make available.

Zichichi provides nice balcony views over their Vineyards as well. A wonderful place to sit and sip, and enjoy your wine.

Zichichi Vineyard
8626 West Dry Creek Road

(707) 433-4410

Zzichichi Winery Vineyard View Healdsburg

Zichichi Vineyard View

Zzichichi Winery Tasting Room Healdsburg

Zichichi Vineyard Tasting Room

Zzichichi Winery Vineyard Healdsburg

Zichichi Winery Vineyards

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