Picking Blackberries in Healdsburg

Picking Blackberries

Between July and August Badger Park and its River Walk Trail have an ample supply of luscious wild blackberries, just ripe for the picking. Especially check on the North and West sides of our park, as well as along the sides of the River Walk Trail that starts at Badger Park’s southeast corner (by the children’s playground).

There are also many wild blackberry bushes along many of our country roads (think safety first!).

If you’re really serious about gettin’ a good supply, it’s a good idea to wear long pants, long socks and a long sleeve shirt! And you’ll need something to put them in. A plastic milk jug works nicely if you make the opening wider and run a string through its handle so you can sling it over your head and one shoulder (where it can dangle down under your arm). And it’s real important to bring some large zip lock bags to carry your berries home in so their juice doesn’t leak in your car.

Now Remember: your major competitors for these beauties are all the local deer! While they get up pretty early, there’s always plenty to go around for everyone! (lol)

Have fun and be safe.


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