Healdsburg's Fountain Square Plaza Downtown

Fountain Square Plaza

Inescapably, the heart and soul of our beloved little town is our magnificent, historic Fountain Square. As the center jewel shining in the midst of turn-of-the-century Italian stone-laden architecture, it has become at once our town’s gathering place, and a relaxing escape.

On beautiful summer days, you’ll see moms standing in the fountain, summer dresses flowing in the breeze as they hold newborn babies, and children playing in the water while some stroll around its marble benching. Children are just amazingly attracted to the gurgle of a fountain, simply must splash their hands in its gentle ripples, and are fascinated by glistening coins under its surface, each representing someone’s wish.

People are forever strolling with ice cream, or sitting sipping wine. Always a crew of good friends gathering here and there, pondering what will next fill their day. Musicians playing solo or ensemble, their subtle songs softening the scene, as they lightly drift on warm balmy breezes.


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One of the aspects that speaks most to me about this place, are the simple, oft unnoticed symphony of trees pillaring our communal little square. As you sit, look around and notice how evergreen, deciduous, fruit, redwood and palm trees all adorn our beautiful square – each so stunningly different… and yet they all belong here… together. It’s so representative of our remarkable little town… where the country living crowd, silver haired hippies mountain folk and farmers all simply seem to flow together, and get along.

You’ll understand… when you come here.

And you’ll probably find, you comfortably fit right in…


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