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Healdsburg Restaurants Open in 2024

Are restaurants in Healdsburg open? In 2024, there are 31 Healdsburg restaurants open. 30 Healdsburg restaurants have take out. 27 restaurants have outdoor dining with heated seating areas. There are no dine in restaurants during COVID, and 5 restaurants are now closed in Healdsburg.


Home to some of the most elite dining experiences Sonoma County wine country has available, Healdsburg has a unique culinary culture all its own. With dining establishments are woven all along its town center and exceptional winery tasting rooms, you’ll enjoy wonderful wines and your choice of farm to table American, Italian, Asian or Mexican food. Or, you can simply enjoy a relaxing evening outside on the patio of a raw bar or wine bar.

The chart below lists restaurants in Healdsburg where outdoor seating, take out and curb side service are available, along with fare, average plate, dress code, and hours, plus which Healdsburg restaurants are closed due to COVID19. Delivery availability fluctuates for each restaurant, depending on day of week and time of day (call your preferred establishment for details).


Restaurants Are Open In Healdsburg

Restaurants in Healdsburg are now open and ready for guests. Our lovely little town has done an absolutely charming job welcoming this year’s guests and tourists to our culinary culture. A simple stroll down Healdsburg Avenue makes that clear. Reserving streets for foot traffic among posh, quaint and comfortable outdoor arrangements. We’re warming restaurants’ outdoor accommodations with inviting flaming glass torchieres, accenting every evening’s enchanting ambiance. Healdsburg is now open for your dining pleasure, be it dine-in or delivery


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Outdoor dining is comfortable under chic canopies or open skies, all wrapped in vibrant greenery with imaginative streetscapes. Your escapade awaits, ready for a romantic interlude, or memorable occasion with friends. And if you fancy indulging at home or in your hotel, take away and curbside service abounds. Healdsburg restaurants are open to serve you.

You can also order online, and swing by on your way to do some wine tasting, or to enjoy a romantic picknic along the Russian River.


Healdsburg Restaurant Takeout and Pick-up


Healdsburg Plaza Restaurants With Outdoor Dining and Takeout

Here’s a convenient chart detailing services each restaurant has available, as well as which restaurants are closed in Healdsburg. Click on the name of any restaurant to see more about their fare, whether they serve breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether they serve wine or cocktails, parking instructions and more. Remember – not all of Healdsburg’s restaurants and cantinas are open 7 days a week. So, once you narrow your selection, be sure to click on each restaurant’s name (in the chart) for more information on days open and menu selection.


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RestaurantOutdoor diningDine-inTakeoutFareHoursDressPhone
Otoro SushiYESNOYESJapaneseHours VaryCasual707-756-3932
Dry Creek KitchenYESNOYESAmerican5:30pm - 9:30pmCocktail Attire707-431-0330
ValetteYESNOYESAn Array5:30pm - 9:30pmCocktail Attire707-473-0946
BarndivaYESNOYESAmericanHours VaryCocktail Attire707-431-0100
SpoonbarYESNOYESAn Array5:00pm - 9:00pmCocktail Attire707-433-7222
The RooftopYESNONOAn Array3:00pm to 8:00pmCocktail Attire707-922-5442
Willi's Seafood BarYESNOYESAn Array11:30am - 9:30pmCasually Nice707-433-9191
PizzandoYESNOYESItalian11:30am - 9:pmCasually Nice707-922-5233
YESNOYESAmerican7:am - 2:pmCasual707-433-8263
Campo FinaYESNOYESAmerican11:30am - 10:00pmCasually Nice707-395-4640
Healdsburg Bar & GrillYESNOYESAmerican11:am - 9:pmCasually Nice707-433-3333
Healdsburger Drive-InYESNOYESAmerican11:00am - 8:00pmCasual707-473-9604
Bravas Bar de TapasYESNOYESSpanish11:30am - 9:00pmCasually Nice707-433-7700
Agave MexicanYESNOYESMexican10:00am - 9:00pmCasually Nice707-433-2411
The Single ThreadYESNOYESAsian Flair5:30pm - 9:00pmCocktail Attire707-723-4646
Thai Orchid CuisineNONOYESThaiHours VaryCasually Nice707-433-0515
Adel's RestaurantYESNOYESAmerican6:00am - 10:00pmCasual707-433-6422
El FarolitoYESNOYESMexican10am - 9pmCasual707-433-2807
Baci Cafe & Wine BarNONOYESAn Array5:00pm - 10:00pmCocktail Attire707-433-8111
Guiso Latin FusionYESNOYESLatin5:00pm - 9:00pmCasually Nice707-431-1302
KINsmokeYESNOYESBarbecue11:00am - 8:00pmCasual707-837-7546
The Wurst RestaurantYESNOYESBratwursts11:00am - 9:00pmCasual707-395-0214
El Taco GrandeYESNOYESMexican9:00am - 9:00pmCasual707-431-1464
Sake ONONOYESJapanese11:30am - 3:00pmCasual707-433-2669
El SombreroYESNOYESMexican10:00am - 9:00pmCasual707-433-3818
Taqueria GuadalajaraYESNOYESMexican9:00am - 9:00pmCasual707-433-1052
The Taste of TeaNONOYESAsain11:00am - 8:00pmCasual707-431-1995
Coyote SonomaYESNOYESAmerica4:00pm - 8:00pmCasual707-433-4444
Oakville GroceryYESNOYESDeli Style7:30am - 3:00pmCasual707-433-3200


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Restaurants Closed In Healdsburg Due To COVID

It’s been a heartbreaking time for many businesses across America, and Healdsburg restaurants have been no exception. Here’s a list of restaurants we’re so sorry have closed due to the pandemic. They include: The Brass Rabbit (really miss this one) · Single Tree · Mateo’s Cocina Latina · 8 Dragons · Barrels, Brews & Bites · The Bean Affair · Bear Republic Brewing Co. · Mountain Mike’s Pizza · and The Shed (closed prior to COVID). Medrona Manor is temporarily closed.


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