Look Back Occasionally For Spectacular Views Once You're On Your Trail.

Lake Sonoma Trails

With more than 40 miles of hiking trails, Lake Sonoma near Healdsburg has a path that’s just right for you. For softer trails, try their Little Flat trail, which runs along the lake’s shore. For something more challenging, consider the ‘Half a Canoe’. It’s a loop that’s approximately five miles long and may take the whole day to traverse. Lake Sonoma has a path and journey for everyone!

“Dust off your camping or hiking gear and set out for a great adventure!”

The Milt Brandt Visitor Center is located at the park entrance and is a great source for information about the park. The Center is located at Skaggs Springs Rd, Geyserville, CA 95441. (there is no street number)

Dogs are allowed on leash and clean public restrooms are available. Get your printable “Healdsburg Hiking Guide” with maps, helpful tips and more.

DIRECTIONS: Take Mill Street (from the roundabout) West out of Healdsburg – just after you pass under the 101, Turn Right onto Kinley Drive – follow Kinley Drive 12 miles (19 minutes) to its end – at its end, the road curves left into the parking lot of the Milt Brandt Visitor Center of Lake Sonoma – park and inside the visitor center you’ll meet incredibly helpful staff who will guide you to the best trails for the level of hiking adventure you desire!

Lake Sonoma address:  Skaggs Springs Rd, Geyserville, CA 95441. (there is no street number)

There are Ample Benchs on Lake Sonoma Trails

Woodland Ridge Trail at Lake Sonoma, though only 1 mile, can be a push for an occasional hiker. That’s why benches are dotted all along its way. However, Lake Sonoma has a myriad of trail options to choose from; some soft, some challenging. A stop by the Milt Brandt Visitor Center is a good first step, as their staff is always extremely helpful and kind.

Lake Sonoma Trails Can Be Pretty Steep and Long.

Signs along the way share about the wildlife, habitat, foliage and terrain as you meander the trails of Lake Sonoma. While most paths are wide and welcoming, some are narrow and precarious. So be sure and get full insight from Lake Sonoma staff when choosing which route is right for your hiking experience. Lake Sonoma offers something for every hiking skill level!

Be Sure to Look to your Sides Along Lake Sonoma's Trails - Mountain Views Abound!

Behold the mountain views and rolling emerald hills, as the crystal clean air and scent of evergreen embraces and refreshes you. Vibrant expanses of open sky with pure white clouds wafting through exquisite blue skies are both calming and breathtaking. Remember, sometimes the greatest views are to your side, or just looking back over where you’ve already been.

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