Riverfront Regional Park, Healdsburg, California

Riverfront Regional Park

Super family friendly! Great spot for picnics among towering redwoods, along a trail, or on the Watch Dock taking in the lake’s beauty. So close to Healdsburg, Riverfront Regional Park has lots of hiking and softer walking trails.

Riverfront Regional Park is a 2.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail. There is a 2.18 mile trail that wraps around Lake Wilson and Lake Benoist and begins at the parking area. The Russian River can be reached from trail spurs on the north side of the Lake Trail.

“This beautiful, majestic park is only a few minutes west of Healdsburg.”

This park has lovely group picnic areas, with a large barbecue, a volleyball net strung among trees, and a horseshoe pit. Restroom portals and a drinking fountain are available. Get your printable “Healdsburg Hiking Guide” with maps, helpful tips and more.

DIRECTIONS: Take Old Redwood Highway south out of Healdsburg – after ‘J Winery’ (right side of road) you’ll come to a stop sign – Turn Right at the stop sign and you’re now on Eastside Road – follow Eastside Road (about 8 minutes) until you see the Riverfront Regional Park sign (on right side of road); the park entrance is directly across from Copain Winery – Turn Right at that Riverfront Regional Park sign – go to the end of the road, Turn Left and purchase parking ($7 per day) – parking then will be directly in front of you. Also, the small expanse of Redwood trees providing tremendous shade is right there, at the far base of the parking lot.

Riverfront Regional Park address:  7821 Eastside Rd, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Enjoy Serene, Calm Views from the Riverfront Park Watch Dock.

The Watch Dock is a lovely little plateau where your family can watch the day unfold while skimming stones or enjoying a snack and time together.

The lake calms toward evening and looks like glass with only ducks and geese occasionally rippling its perfection.

The dock is well shaded and stretches out over the water just far enough so you’ll feel like you’re all alone in this special place.

Views of Forest While Hiking in Riverfront Regional Park, Healdsburg, CA

Along the lake’s paths you’re surrounded by rolling forested hills, arising and encircling the water’s edge. With varying shades of greenery adding to the breadth of view, accenting the autumn sky, soft sunlight warms you as it glistens on your face.

Walking paths are calm and wide, and as you stroll hand-in-hand a smooth horizon unfurls before you, giving life to new memories you’ll cherish together for years to come…

Walking Along Riverfront Regional Park's Picnic Trail in Autumn

This is a special park, where horseback riders, young couples and dear friends meander among one another, sharing memorable moments of their lives.

Picnic tables rest among warm autumn colors. Paths greet lake shores, where quiet nooks, and holding hands while breathing in the view weaves a new song in our hearts…

“Sometimes, the seeds of our future are most sewn… in still moments as they pass.” · RSL

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