Hiking Near Healdsburg in Shiloh Park

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park

Located just southeast of Healdsburg near Windsor, 8 miles of hiking, bicycling and horseback riding trails await you.. Shiloh Ranch Regional Park begins with a gentle landscape, and builds into a more rugged terrain in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. The arrangement of trails allows several options for attaining varying lengths of hiking around our Healdsburg area.

As you climb Ridge Trail the Sonoma Valley unfolds before you with stunning views!

The group picnic area at the entrance features barbecues, a gazebo, restrooms, and can be reserved. Dogs are NOT permitted on the trails (this is a horse park). You’ll be fined for having a dog on the trails; however dogs are allowed in the picnic area. Get your printable “Healdsburg Hiking Guide” with maps, helpful tips and more.

DIRECTIONS: Take 101 south out of Healdsburg – Go about 7.5 miles (12 minutes) to the Shiloh Road exit – take that exit and Turn Left at the traffic light; you’ll then be on Shiloh Road – follow Shiloh Road about 1.5 miles (4 minutes) to the stop sign at Faught Road – Turn Right onto Fraught Road – about an 1/8 of a mile after you turn you’ll see cars parked on the right-hand side of the road – park with them if you want free parking – the Shiloh Regional Park entrance will be on your left-hand side of Faught Road (right across from the free parking area) – or you can drive into the Park’s entrance if you prefer paid parking. Have Fun and BE SAFE! (there are some desert critters and serpents in this park, though they’re rarely seen!)

Walking sticks are helpful here, as is carrying water and having a comfortable hat for shade!

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park address:  5750 Faught Rd, Windsor, CA 95492

Morning Dawns as the Hiking Trail Gently Begins in Shiloh Regional Park

A fresh morning dawns, as an open path unfolds before you….

The Colors of Greenery Sprawling Upward Through the Trees have such Amazing Vibrance

Vibrant greenery, spiraling up to capture trees, is breathtaking.

Hiking up to Shiloh Park's Lookout Reveals Incredible Views of Sonoma County

Sonoma Valley is all yours as you revitalize in fresh, crisp country air.

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