Is Healdsburg Safe?

Is The Town Of Healdsburg Safe?

My wife and I enjoy living in a small town where we can walk to most places. So, before moving here one of our biggest questions was, “Is Healdsburg safe?”

Healdsburg is one of the safest towns in America. Whether enjoying a night on the town, considering retiring, looking for a low crime area, a peaceful place to drive, take strolls at night, or just wanting to avoid most natural disasters, Healdsburg should be one place at the top of your list. Here’s why.

Statistically, Healdsburg is a very low crime area, which you can see for yourself on their local police department reporting site. Here’s a convenient tutorial on how to use it. In 2019, Healdsburg had a total of 53 serious crimes among its population of 12,104 residents. Of the 169 total crimes 87 were petty larceny, which can include theft of bicycles, laptops, or the kinds of things kids tend to filch. Unemployment is also very low here (2.7%), which is a major factor in contributing to a peaceful community.

While statistics show Healdsburg is very safe, having lived here for eight years, we’ve seen other clear signs of how tranquil Healdsburg is. For instance, the rarity of sirens. How peaceful our neighborhoods are. A clear sense of community among our residents. Driving around, you see it’s got to be one of the cleanest towns in America. Its immaculately manicured parks. All the family-oriented activities and festivities. And how safe we feel strolling our streets in the even or later at night. All these reflect what a quaint, quiet and harmonious town we live in.


Why Healdsburg Is So Safe

Healdsburg is so safe for several reasons. First off, it’s a wealthier area. In fact, some folks around here who are worth millions and drive old pick-ups – and will hold a door open for you. Imagine a place with a country living relaxed feel, comingled with remnants of a hippie era gone bye, which has a good balance of families and retirees, all woven in an upscale area and rooted deeply in the values of winery and cultivation tradition. Families tend to live here a long time; it’s a very well-established town in that respect. Some of our families’ communal heritage roots go back to when their ancestors migrated here from Europe in the 1600’s through 1800’s. Many of those families are still thriving and raising new generations here.

Here’s our town’s layout. Healdsburg’s downtown is centralized around our beautiful Fountain Square Plaza, which is surrounded by local businesses. Around those businesses are sleepy neighborhoods. And encompassing those neighborhoods are beautiful vineyards full of grapes. Sown throughout our town and quiet neighborhoods is a boundless proliferation of large redwoods and various other trees, all seeming to keep people anchored to a more relaxed, nature-oriented mindset. It’s such a beautiful setting here. One that imparts a peacefulness our residents and tourists can feel. There are also a lot of churches here, reflecting our towns well-grounded principles. Even before we understood about these elements, we could feel their subtle, calming influence.


Healdsburg's Nightlife Is So Safe


What Makes Healdsburg’s Nightlife So Safe?

With few exceptions, night life in Healdsburg revolves around our Fountain Square Plaza. Most of our restaurants and pubs are either on the square or within an adjacent half block or so along its well-lit main streets. Almost everything is within walking distance in this lovely open air social atmosphere. From Fountain Square you could throw a small rock and hit our police station (figuratively, of course) and their protective presence is always felt and always near. Traffic is slow through our little berg, so walking is the preferred mode of transport once you begin your evening, where you’ll meet many friendly people out for an enjoyable evening.


Best Sushi in Healdsburg


With the square so open you can see across it from any angle, and with how easily you can see down our spacious streets, it’s clear to see why the intriguing vibrancy of our nightlife is so stirring yet relaxing to enjoy. And there is much to enjoy. Pubs with walls that open toward the square, posh affairs for indulging in cocktails and party dresses, restaurants galore with cuisine accommodating anything from a family and friends style affair, to three Michelin Star escapades and everything in between. From the soothing, casual comfort of strolling our venues on Friday and Saturday night, to just sitting in our park and enjoying an ice cream, nights here can be anything from country jeans casual to a near top hat and tails excursion – all safe and sound, in and around our downtown.


Driving In Town Is Slow and Courteous

There are ample ways to get around town, even when it’s tourist season. Side streets and remaining a block or two away from Fountain Square makes migrating through town simple. There are also three main entrances to our little town from the main highway thoroughfare (U.S. 101). So traveling around is pretty simple and easy. You’ll catch right on after a few days of being here.

We moved here from a place where it seemed drivers were given special credits for scaring pedestrians. So imagine our shock when we strode up to an intersection and every car in every direction stopped for us to cross – even if they got to the intersection long before we did. It was surreal at first; but we’ve since come to appreciate that it’s just how cautious drivers tend to be here.


Fires Are Getting To Be Well-Managed

During the recent fires, Healdsburg evacuated early; which allowed our firefighters to concentrate on defeating the blaze. Giving people ample opportunity to clear out allows first responders to focus on putting things out. This foresight on the part of our Mayor and state agencies prevented any loss of life and saved us all from any property damage. Lessons were clearly implemented and a fantastic job was done by all!

So, while natural disasters are a part of nearly any state’s environment, Northern California is doing something about issues we’ve faced. By shutting down power grids in high danger areas where forest fires begin, the state of California and utilities have begun to curtain their potential.


What About Retiring In Healdsburg?

Our climate in Healdsburg is very comfortable; rated an 8.3 out of 10. In fact, one of the things that first attracted us is how this wonderful little place is situated below the national frost line – so winters here are very mild compared to most of the country. Air quality is exceptional, as the ocean breezes drift over miles of open vineyards, bringing crisp, fresh air, which is so cool each evening. Makes for a great night’s sleep.

Given how most people enjoy the four seasons, we have the best of all worlds. Blossoming springs, warm sunny summers, radiant autumns and mild winters. And if you really need snow, it’s not too far north of us.

As far as recreation, there are a plethora of activities and attractions to enjoy in and around Healdsburg, including:



The cost of living and real estate is higher, after all we’re in Wine Country. However, our retirement community is vibrant with many such resident homeowners always gathering for celebrations and events. Or just enjoying each other’s company.


Tourists Feel Safe


Even Visitors Remark How Peaceable And Safe Healdsburg Is

We’ve had a few experiences where people stop us and ask if this town is really as quaint and pleasant as it is. One incident was exceptionally memorable. One evening, we were walking towards the square, strolling along the sidewalk on the left side of the road, so facing traffic. Suddenly, a car wisks-up from behind and pulls-up right beside us, coming to an abrupt stop and obviously having driven on the wrong side of the road to do so. A man pops out of this car, which he had hurriedly (and quite poorly) parked and in a distinctly English accent queried, “Do you live here?” We responded yes. So he said, “Is this town really like this?” I asked what he meant. He said “I mean, it’s all so nice and lovely… and everyone seems so polite… is it really like this? Is there nothing wrong with this town?” To which I quipped, “Well, we have had an influx of people driving on the wrong side of the road lately – but other than that, it’s really that nice.” He burst into laughter and we had a nice visit for a moment or so. He explained he and his wife were here visiting friends and how astonished they were with how peaceful and pleasant our little village is. “What an amazing little town!”, he exclaimed.

We could relate. This same sense of serene calm and almost innocence our little community has was precisely what made such a clear and lasting impression on us, when we first happened upon Healdsburg. So much so, that we knew we’d found our new home. A place where I knew my wife would feel comfortable and safe and we could enjoy the next phase of our life together. So now we’re firmly rooted in this comfy little hamlet… smoothly fitting right in with all our new friends, and all of us enjoying how heavenly Healdsburg is.



Learn More About Healdsburg

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“Clear, crisp candor on Healdsburg’s hidden novelties and nuances.”
– Richard Slater


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