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Is Healdsburg California Dog Friendly?

Is Healdsburg Dog Friendly?

Some friends are visiting who want to bring their shih tzu and asked us, “Is Healdsburg dog friendly?”

Healdsburg is one of the most dog friendly towns in Sonoma County, with dog friendly hiking, hotels and restaurants, dog friendly wineries, pubs and bars, dog parks with Russian River access, and even a Howl-o-ween Dog Parade. Planning a dog friendly stay or river adventure in Healdsburg is easy.

So if you want to bring your furry friend along on your visit or vacation to Sonoma wine country, rest assured, your puppy will feel like a canine king or queen in this town! Here’s a list of pet friendly hotels, and all the places you can go and things you can do with your pup, as well as any pet friendly services you may need. And it’s all just about an hour north of San Francisco.


Dog Friendly Parks and Trails

Healdsburg has many options for walking and playing with your dog. From its local parks to Healdsburg’s Open Range Preserve, the many Regional Park trails and even a hidden spot only locals know about, where your rascally pup can enjoy some Russian River adventures. You’re sure to find the proper patch of meadow, open fields, or adventurous trails to keep your husky or hound happy.

The two parks with designated dog areas include Badger Park’s dog park (750 Heron Drive, Healdsburg), and Lower Villa Chanticleer Park (900 Chanticleer Way, Healdsburg). This is where your friendly pup can meet some new canine companions and roam around in a secure location meant just for them. These areas are large enough to play fetch, provide ample water supplies, and are a great open yet fenced area to let your rascal run free, maybe search for squirrels, and not have to worry if they have the attentiveness of a teenager.

A bit less well-known is the Riverwalk trail that begins at the southeast corner of Badger Park and runs along the Russian River. This Dog trails and parks in Healdsburgis a well-traveled and well-known route for locals, but is a bit more ‘off the map’ and unknown to visitors and tourists. The Riverwalk trail, is technically private property; however, the trail is well worn and very popular for folks with dogs, joggers and those who just want to enjoy a comfortable relaxing stroll along the river. The Riverwalk is well shaded for the most part, yet it does open up into a larger meadow area with wonderful views of the local mountains. These are great open places to play fetch or frisbee with your frisky friend. There are also several short paths along the trail that lead to the river itself, in case your little rascal is a water pup. Starting in mid-June and on into late July you’ll also find patches of sweet, ripe blackberries along this trail.

Then of course, there’s our wonderful Fountain Plaza in in the center of downtown Healdsburg. The Healdsburg Plaza has a gazebo, benches, is beautiful lawns to spread out a blanket and enjoy a lovely afternoon. If you bring your canine companion here, please understand that since children play in the fountain it’s best to keep animals from immersing in it. Also, please remember it’s important to keep your furry friend on a leash in this park as it’s very popular and there may be other dogs in the area.

Surrounding the Plaza are plenty of little shops and places where you can have an ice cream, or enjoy some wonderful baked goodies. There’s also some nice places to grab a quick lunch, or a coffee or tea.

As far as city parks where you and your family and four-legged friend can relax, romp and play, we have several to choose from. There’s Barbieri Brothers Park (325 Bridle Path, Healdsburg), Byron Gibbs Park (1520 Prentice Dr., Healdsburg), and Giorgi Park (540 University St., Healdsburg). These are all wonderful little parks you can learn more about by clicking here.


Best Healdsburg Tasting Room Moss Lounge In The Paul Mahder Gallery


Healdsburg’s Dog Friendly Hotels and B&Bs

While nearly all of Healdsburg’s hotel and bed and breakfasts allow for properly documented service animals, several of our lodging locations provide accommodations and pampered services for pups and other pets. In fact, one of our local hotels has almost no limit to the type of pet you can bring, only its size.

In the chart below, we’ll cover which lodging accommodates dogs, cats, and unique pets in addition to service animals. Please see any footnotes under the table for more specific details on each particular location. And click here for more detailed descriptions of Healdsburg’s dog friendly accommodations.

Dog friendly hotels and B&Bs in Healdsburg


Mobiles Can Scroll Chart Horizontally

Calderwood Inn B&B50 lbs1 / RoomNo$50/stay4Availability
Rockhouse Suites50 lbs1 / RoomNo$50/stay4Availability
Best Western *70 lbs each2 / RoomYes$30–$50A1, 2Availability
Harmon Guest House80 lbs total2 / RoomNo$150/stayD3Availability
H2 Hotel50 lbs each2 / Room???$150/stayD2, 3Availability
Healdsburg InnNo Limit2 / RoomNo$65/stayD, F1Availability
Hotel Healdsburg50 lbs eachNo Limit???$150/stayD2, 3Availability
Hotel Trio75 lbs each2 / RoomNo$150/stayD2Availability
Grape Leaf Inn B&B50 lbs1 / RoomNo$50/stay4Availability
L&M MotelNo Limit2 / RoomNo$15/nightE1☏ must call
Camellia Inn B&BNo LimitNo LimitYesNone1, 2Availability

* Best Western allows almost any pet, as long as it’s under their weight limit and not hazardous.
A – doggie run with poo stations, near Foss Trail (paved walking trail into town), near dog parks.
B – doggie dish, ball
C – doggie bed, ball
D – doggie bed, bowl, treats (if available) – will try to accommodate other reasonable needs.
E – Fenced doggie play area
F – Breakfast in Bed for your puppy’s parents (that’s you and your special someone)

¹ Dogs cannot be left unattended in room.
² Housekeeping will not go into room if pet is unattended.
³ Must be in a carrier if left unattended
4  Only One dog allowed on property at a time – call and reserve room far in advance
** ALL LOCATIONS REQUIRE:  All dogs must be on a leash when on a hotel or B&B’s property and not in your room. No pets are allowed in pools, beverage areas, eateries, fitness rooms, or other guests’ rooms. Call your hotel or B&B to discuss your dog’s breed and ascertain if any policies have changed as of this writing.


Dog Friendly Wineries and Wine Tasting Rooms

While Healdsburg has several dog friendly wineries and tasting rooms, only 5 made it onto our list of Healdsburg’s Most Dog Friendly Wineries for 2023.

In town and around the square, there are a total of 12 tasting rooms that welcome dogs (even though they don’t have a “winery dog”). These include Blanchard Family Winery, Cartographic Wines, Coursey Graves, Davis Family Vineyards, DH Gustafson Family Vineyard, Hudson Street Wineries, Kobler Estate Winery, Portalupi Wine Company, Stephen & Walker Winery, Stonestreet Tasting Room, Thumbprint Cellars, and Selby Winery Tasting Room.

All of these tasting rooms are conveniently located in the downtown Healdsburg area. Many of them are located right around Fountain Square. Be sure and check out our Tasting Room Map to easily locate and navigate to these tasting rooms.


Healdsburg Dog Friendly Hotels


As for dog friendly wineries, there are 34 located close to Healdsburg. They include: Armida Winery, Merriam Vineyards, Amista Vineyards, Thomas George Estate, Stuhlmuller Winery, Porter Creek, Bacigalupi Winery, Bella Vineyards, West Wines, Cast Wines, Chateau Diana, DeLorimier Winery, Dutcher Crossing, Foley Sonoma, Fritz Winery, Landmark Vineyards, Trione, Martorana, Matrix Winery, Mazzocco Sonoma, Michel-Schlumberger, Mill Creek, Moshin Vineyards, Lambert Bridge, Quivira, Reeve, J. Rochioli, Rodney Strong, Stonestreet, Truett Hurst, Unti, Hanna Winery, Alexander Valley, and ZO Wines.

Each of these family wineries has a unique feel, ambience, selection of wines and amenities. To learn more about each of these wineries, simply go to our Wineries page and then our Maps page to find where they’re located. Here you’ll find a map of downtown Healdsburg wineries and tasting rooms.


Dog Friendly Restaurants

Most of Healdsburg’s restaurants allow for service animals. However, some of our restaurants are extremely Fido friendly and have staff who love having happy, carefree critters to love-up and brighten their day. Most of these dog friendly restaurants have patio space or outdoor seating available to facilitate their new furry friend’s visit. A few even allow your pet indoors.

Here are two restaurants where you may be allowed to bring your pooch indoors, which is good to know, especially when it’s raining. The Wurst Restaurant regularly allows dogs indoors, and El Farolito may allow pups indoors as long as your table is by the door and the number of patrons is low (probably best to visit them with a pup during off-hours).Restaurants where dogs are welcome in Healdsburg

There are eight other restaurants with patio seating available which can easily accommodate your accompanying pet. Four of these restaurants have heated patios, including Willie’s Seafood & Raw Bar, Bravas Bar de Tapas, Healdsburg Bar & Grill and 8 Dragons Restaurant. The following establishments have non-heated patios where pups can join you: Spoonbar, Agave Mexican Restaurant and Giorgio’s Italian Restaurant (Healdsburg’s oldest restaurant).

The table below lists each establishment’s fare and average cost per plate range. You can click on the name of each restaurant in the chart to learn more about their fare, ambiance and proper attire. Below the table are generally accepted guidelines to ensure a fun visit for you and the other patrons.


Healdsburg Restaurants Where Dogs Are Welcome
RestaurantFareAvg Dinner
Willi’s Seafood & Raw BarAmerican & Seafood Tapas$10 - $25
Bravas Bar de TapasSpanish tapas$10 - $28
The SpoonbarAmerican, Italian, & Seafood$16 - $48
Healdsburg Bar & GrillAmerican – Burgers to Steaks$12 - $24
Giorgio’s Italian RestaurantItalian Dishes$12 - $30
8 Dragons RestaurantChinese Dishes$16 - $22
Agave Mexican RestaurantMexican Dishes$8 - $20
El Farolito Mexican RestaurantMexican Dishes$6 - $30
The Wurst RestaurantBratwurst, Sausages & Burgers$8 - $10

Generally speaking, all restaurants request you respect the following procedures for the sake of your and other guests’ enjoyment and dining pleasure:

✓  It’s always best to contact any pooch-friendly restaurant you may want to visit beforehand, to ensure their puppy policy remains the same and to check on availability; including making reservations and letting them know you’re bringing a four-legged friend, so they can properly receive you and your ‘guest of honor’.

✓  Please do not feed your dog from your table, as this may encourage your playful pup to look for treats from other patrons. In fact, it may be best to feed your doggie before you come to the restaurant.

✓  Please do not sit your dog in your lap. This may encourage them to swipe food from your table, or perhaps get on your table, which other guests may find unappetizing.

✓  Make sure your four-legged friend remains quiet during their stay. Remember, other restaurant guests are coming for a relaxing meal together and may find barking or other canine-related sounds to be an unpleasant distraction.

✓  Always keep your dog properly leashed while inside a restaurant or in its patio area.


Dog Friendly Pubs and Bars

There are some bars in Healdsburg who are very dog friendly. Bring proof your puppy’s over 3 years old (21 in dog years… get it?). These pubs represent a wide range of cultural atmospheres to suit anything from a country porch hound, to a 9 to 5 kinda canine, all the way up to a top hat dog-about-town – Healdsburg’s got you covered!

Here’s a chart of all Healdsburg’s bars, pubs and cocktail lounges who won’t card your puppy.

EstablishmentAccommodationsAverage Cocktail
The SpoonbarPatio (Seasonally Available)$18 - $48
Spirit BarIn Both The Lounge and Bar Area$14
Elephant in the RoomAnywhere Except Behind the Bar$7 - $9 (wines & lagers)
Healdsburg Bar & GrillPatio (heated)$12
John & Zeke's Bar & GrillInside The Bar Is Fine$5 - $10


Dog Food Stores and Pet Supplies

Need a leash, a sweater or some swag for Princess Pooch while you’re in Healdsburg? We’ve got you covered like a beagle on bacon burger! Here’s where you’ll find doggie health supplies, top shelf dog chow and all the glitter and glitz your pup will ever need to proudly swag-and-wag the sidewalks of Healdsburg!

Debbie’s Pet Boutique – Debbie’s is tucked away in a little nook near Favorite’s (one of Healdsburg’s Hidden Gems) where you’ll find any sprays or lotions your little rascal might need (flea repellent’s always a good idea), along with toys, collars, leashes and anything your handsome husky might need for grooming. Debbie’s Pet Boutique is open from 11:00am to 5:00pm on Mondays, 9:00am to 6:00pm Tuesdays through Saturdays (closed Sundays). They’re located at 431 Center Street in Healdsburg. (707) 395-4410


Best Organic Winery Healdsburg CA


Fideaux – Fideaux is a boutique extraordinaire for everything puppy-related. Kind of a Spencer’s Gifts for eclectic hounds. They’re open from 10:00am to 5:00pm Mondays through Thursdays, 10:00am to 6:00pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sundays. Fideaux is located at 43 North Street in Healdsburg. (707) 433-9935

Ace Hardware – Ace has a wonderful supply of just about anything you might need for nearly any pet. Several isles of pet harnesses, bling and sundry supplies most any pooch could possibly want or need. Also a neat indoor bird sanctuary because the owner adopts feathered friends folks can’t take when they move. Really neat array of beautiful birds kids really love to see. Ace Hardwarde is open 7:00am to 7:00pm Mondays through Saturdays, and 8:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays. They’re located at 1340 Healdsburg Avenue in Healdsburg. (707) 433-5593

Wright’s Feed Store – This here’s your good-old-fashioned feed store which happens to have the finest chow for pups and big dogs and costs mere nickels compared to most other stores you’ll find. Why they ain’t even got a website (talk ‘bout cuttin’ costs)! Yeah, but they got the best darn dog food in town, and so cheap you’ll probably wanna buy some just to take home with ya’. Wright’s is open from 8:00am to 5:30pm Mondays through Saturdays (closed Sundays). They’re located at 10 Mill Street in Healdsburg. (707) 433-3745


Doggie Daycare in Healdsburg

If you plan on getting away and enjoying some of our wonderful sites and experiences and think maybe Fido shouldn’t go, then there’s a handy doggie daycare here in Healdsburg where you can leave your pup for a day of fun and frolicking with some furry new friends. It’s called Home Alone Hounds and its owner Cecilia Pietropaoli is a licensed, bonded, and insured pet care provider. Services include doggie day care, trips to Dillon Beach, and even pick-up and delivery service (within Healdsburg). For complete details go to or call Cecilia at (707) 433.2789 for more details.


Veterinarians in Healdsburg

Healdsburg has three veterinarian centers and pet hospitals. That’s quite a few for a town of 12,104 people. Shows you how much we care about our furry friends!

PLEASE NOTE: We make no recommendations or endorsements here. We’re simply listing these pet care facilities for your convenience. So be sure and bookmark this page for quick reference, just in case your doggie needs a Doc while you’re here. However, our dental hygienist swears by Dr. David McCrystle. She says he’s ‘old school’ and only suggests what your pet needs.

Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital – 135 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448 (707) 433-5539
Open: 8:30am to Noon and 2:15pm to 5pm M – F | Closed Sat & Sun

Animal Medical Center of Healdsburg – 16085 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448   (707) 433-4493
Open:  8am to 4pm M, W, F | 8am to 5pm T, Th | 9am to 11am Sat (twice/mo) | Closed Sundays

Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital – 15 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448   (707) 433-0772
Open:  8:30am to 5pm M, T, W, Th | 9:30am to 5pm Fri | 8:30am to 5pm Sat | Closed Sun


Healdsburg’s Dog Restrictions

Per Animal Control Officer Emily Crum, Healdsburg dog regulations require pups to be on a leash at all times, except in designated areas. These areas include Badger Park’s dog park section (750 Heron Drive, Healdsburg), and Lower Villa Chanticleer Park (900 Chanticleer Way, Healdsburg).

However, there is a nice open River Walk area that runs along Russian River and starts at Badger Park’s southeast corner (just past the children’s play area). It’s a wonderful walking path with many little access points to the river if you have a ‘water dog’ who needs a dip. While technically private property, this path is commonly used by trail walkers, dog enthusiasts and joggers on a daily basis and is an easy and comfortable stroll where many pups roam free.

Badger Park’s large well-manicured inner field allows dog, and while many local residents let their pups run free in this field it’s actually under leash restriction. It’s always best to assume our parks have leash restrictions. If there’s a violation, Animal Control typically cites first time offenders with a warning, however second offenses can cause a $100 fine.

Remember: Please be sure and bring your pet’s dog license from your home city; and if you’ll be staying here for over 30 days you’ll need a Healdsburg dog license, which you can get at the Healdsburg Shelter located at 555 Westside Rd, Healdsburg. You can also go here to review all of Healdsburg’s Animal Regulations.

If you have any further questions, Animal Control Officer Emily Crum welcomes your call at (707) 364-4423. (she’s really nice!)

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Please Note:  all information in this article is provided on a ‘man on the street’ basis and is not a guarantee of services, availability, or policies. Neither is anything on this site to be construed as professional or legal advice. Information for this article was obtained by calling the establishments referenced in this article and/or by visiting their websites. If you have any updated ‘dog friendly’ information, please use our contact form to inform us so we can update our article for future readers. Thank you.

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